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3 Weeks until Festival Day, August 5!
Pray for good weather and a successful festival!
Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of heaven and earth. You have chosen us to be your people and to give you glory in everything we do. Guide us as we prepare for the festival. We ask that you bless us with favorable weather, a large and friendly crowd, willing workers, and success on our festival day. We pray for blessings on our parish as we work together for your glory. Amen.

More ways you can help with the festival… There are fliers promoting the festival in the west lobby. Please take one if you know of a business that would allow you to put it in a visible place.

Volunteer to work a shift. We need workers to work in the booths and help with set up and clean up. If you have not yet been contacted by a booth captain, and you are willing to work a shift or two, please call or text LeAnn at 402-321-0362 or Kris at 402-707-6204. Many hands make light work, and the two or four hours that you spend working in a booth and/or helping with set up and clean up make a big difference for our parish.

Contribute to the Gift Card Basket Raffle. We are assembling a basket containing a variety of gift cards that will make an attractive and valuable prize. If you have any unused gift cards that have a full balance, consider donating them for this project. It will not cost you anything; it doesn’t require an extra trip to the store, and, best of all, it is an easy way to make a big contribution to the festival. (Even a $5.00 gift card to a coffee shop would be a nice addition to the basket.) Since all of the gift cards in the basket will be donated, all of the money generated by this raffle will be profit. A gift card of any amount for any store is appreciated. You can simply put the gift cards in an envelope marked Gift Card Raffle and drop it in the collection or drop it off at the rectory. Thank you!

Thank you for your glassware donations! We still have a way to go to reach our goal of 2,500 glassware items (glasses, mugs, ashtrays, etc.) for the Dime Pitch Booth, but we have a great start. Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find inexpensive glassware! You may drop off your glassware donations in the west lobby. Glassware donation UPDATEHave: 862; Need: 1,638

Thank you for your donations for the Grocery Booth! We have reached our goal of 325 boxes of cereal! We need a few more packages of pasta, cake mixes, and condiments. The greatest needs for the Grocery Booth are paper products and canned goods.

We need your specialty baked goods-pies, povi, sweet breads, cookies, cupcakes, kolaches, etc.- for the Bake Sale and cakes for the Cake Walk. These items can be dropped off in the gym the weekend of the festival.

Leaders for Liters! Our fantastic school teachers and staff have stepped up to run the popular TwoLiter booth!
Mr. Andrew Bauer
, school principal, is the captain for the booth. Stop by the booth during the festival to win TwoLiters from your favorite teachers.
current school families can enter a special drawing to win a $250 tuition voucher for 2018 – 2019!
Sign in at the TwoLiter booth to enter your familys name!



Boiler/HVAC Replacement Fund 
Only one of two parish boilers are functional, and purchase of a new back-up boiler is necessary. Furthermore, the original air conditioning units for the church and gymnasium are over 50 years old and will need to be replaced as they have outlived their prospective lifespans.

Please support this fundraising effort with your financial contributions and continued prayers.


Fun(d) Committee
Members of the Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Council are putting together a Fun(d) Committee. We see a need for more events like the recent Trivia Night to bring our parish community together, have some fun while doing it and maybe make a little money too. We also see a need to join in with the parishioners of St. Mary’s and the Hispanic community to get to know each other better and work together for the greater good of our parish community. We have several people who have volunteered to work on this, but we need a few more people to join us. If this is something that you would like to do or if you have new ideas for fun activities, please contact Donna Vaida 402-733-4359 or Pat Cheloha 402-896-1738.
We will let you know when we have our first meeting to get things started.

Please Join Us At Mass:

5:00 pm – St. Mary
5:00 pm – Sts. Peter & Paul

10:30 am – St. Mary
9:00 am – Sts. Peter & Paul
Noon (Spanish) – Sts. Peter & Paul

Daily Masses:
Monday: 6:30 am – Sts Peter & Paul
Tuesday:6:30 am – Sts. Peter & Paul
Wednesday:8:30 am – Sts. Peter & Paul
Thursday: 8:00 am – St. Mary
Friday: 8:00 am – St. Mary

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